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Silvercrest Submarines News Letter Sept-2003

We have a wide range of submarines (big and small), plus workclass and eyeball Rovs for sale. Priced to suit all budgets and tasks. Silvercrest Submarines can arrange submarine maintenance, and Pilot Training courses for purchasers. Submarine certification and refit programmes can also be provided. Further information available on request.

Contact us at anytime to discuss options and to exchange ideas.

Submersibles for sale.

For sale in excellent condition, a four-man (1000ft depth rated) submersible with diver lockout facility. Also immediately available a range of multi passenger tourist submarines (ten to forty passenger). Small two / three man submersibles, and one-man ADS units. Pilot training and maintenance courses are arranged to support every submarine sale if required. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Contact

Underwater hotel to open off Dubai coast.

The Hydropolis hotel, a new luxury underwater hotel, is planned to open in Dubai, off the coast of Jumeirah, in October 2006. The hotel is costing approximately UK£300m to build, and will be made from a combination of concrete, steel and clear Plexiglass, and will have around 220 suites which will be built down to 20 metres in depth. The brainchild of a German designer, suites at the Hydropolis may cost up to UK£3,500 a night but promise the ultimate "underwater luxury" experience, including bubble-shaped rooms with clear-glass sleeping areas and baths. Artificial fog clouds will also be created to keep guests cool from the heat of the Middle Eastern sun. Hotel security, unsurprisingly, will be very high. The multi-level system to be installed includes anti-missile radar and watertight doors that enable whole sections to be individually sealed off. The hotel will be structured in three elements, comprising a land station of approximately 30,000sq m, connecting tunnel and submarine complex of around 75,000sq m. Linked by a single train system on a double track tunnel, the land station will serve as the reception and welcome centre while the hotel will be located within the submarine complex. Additional facilities include a ballroom with a panoramic window to the underwater stage, a spa, three restaurants with 150 seats each and a retail area. Although the Hydropolis has been billed by some as the first submarine hotel in the world, that honour goes to Jules' Underwater Lodge, a converted research laboratory located in Key Largo, Florida, which was named after Jules Verne.

Perry Submarine for sale.

A one atmosphere submersible designed for all adventure tourism, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 1000ft (300m). Weight: 8 to 12 tons. One large front viewport, plus six small conning tower viewports. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar. 

Medium Tourist Submarine for sale.

A medium size multi passenger tourist submarine, designed for the underwater leisure market. Operating Depth: 300ft (100m). Crew: Two pilots and twenty-four passengers. Weight: 35 tons. Large viewports on all sides.  External lights, communications, video and sonar.

Hyball Rov available for sale

In excellent condition, all latest circuit boards and modifications. Extensive spare parts package included. Training course available. Fantastic buy, a bargain.

Phantom Rov for sale

In good condition and dive ready, complete with spare parts. Standard operating depth 1500 ft.  3 Function Manipulator,  2 * 500w lights fixed position, 2 * 250w linked to camera pan/tilt. Video camera (PAL), heading compass, and depth gauge. Power requirement 230 volt, 50 Hz, 15 KVA. Umbilical is 23mm diameter with full conductors and fibre optic video link. Six one horsepower thrusters.

Scorpi Rov for sale.

Scorpi Rov system (40hp) manufactured by Ametek Straza, and in storage. It is generally in good condition, however a routine maintenance programme should be carried out prior to any underwater operations. Diving depth 600m. 350m umbilical and winch (extra length to 590m possibly available). 7 x thrusters. Mesotech Sonar. 2 x cameras. 2 x forward lights (250w). No manipulators. Selection of spare parts. Totally refitted four years ago, and then placed in storage.


The Russian Navy Rescue Service successfully completed a two-week operation that involved a Seaeye Tiger ROV in the location and recovery of a Pacific Fleet Ka-27 naval helicopter and its crew that was lost in the Sea of Japan.  The Rov fitted with a sector scanning sonar and video suite was used to locate and conduct a video survey of the helicopter and to find three crewmembers in 72 meters of water. The ROV video survey of the wreck site was invaluable in the salvage planning process as well as providing a record of the situation for later accident investigation purposes.  The Tiger was also used to direct a manned submersible to the wreck site and support navy divers who salvaged the helicopter.

Yellow Submarine for sale

A small lightweight submersible designed for a wide range of one-atmosphere operations. The key words in the design have been performance, passenger comfort and affordable. The submarine is easily transported by road, sea and airfreight. Crew: two or three. Operational Depth: 300ft (100m). Weight: 4 tons. One large front viewport, plus four conning tower viewports. Fitted with external lighting, communications and sonar system (optional).


C&C Technologies in conjunction with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's Office of Ocean Exploration, the PAST Foundation, and U.S. cable television's History Channel, will conduct an archaeological expedition to the wreck site of the German U-166 submarine in the Gulf of Mexico.  Purpose of the expedition is to collect archaeological data and examine the biologic communities on the U-166 site to understand what happened on July 30, 1942. A spokesman said the scientists will research how the submarine, built to destroy, is now providing life to colonies of undersea creatures.  As part of this documentation, a series of educational Internet webcasts are planned that will provide viewers with a live view of the wreck 5000ft beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  The expedition will be part of the History Channel's "Deep sea Detectives" series.  The German U-boat 166 was attacked and sunk by the U.S. Navy patrol craft PC566 in July 1942.  As the only U-boat lost in the Gulf of Mexico, the U-166 represents a unique piece of maritime history.  The submarine was discovered and identified by 50 miles southeast of New Orleans in January 2001.

Kittredge Submarine for sale

We have two Kittredge submarines for sale( operating depth 350ft and 600ft). These are small one/two man units that are great fun and very easy to operate and maintain. Training courses available at your own dive site if required. 

Underwater Camera for sale.

Photosea 100O Underwater Stills Camera System complete with strobe lights. Advertised as being the finest professional underwater photographic equipment available, and takes 35mm film for prints or slides. The system has been pressure tested to operate at depths of 3000 metres. Purchased in 2001 it has not been in the water, as the programme that the system was intended has not proceeded.

Robotic Arm.

Dr. William McCoy has acquired from Nasa Langley Research Center a Robotic Manipulator Arm. This multi-faceted equipment can be used in Space, Pharmaceutical, nuclear research, and also underwater exploration. It is now offered for sale.


College engineers competed against high school students in the seventh running of the International Submarine Races, the human-powered engineering design competition, in the world's largest indoor tank.  Drawing upon both brain and brawn, the scuba-clad future engineers and design entrepreneurs produced a range of submarines from the sublime to the surreal for this year's competition at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center. Top honours for overall performance went to OMER from Montreal, Canada's École de Technologie Supérieure (University of Quebec).  OMER a sleek, 16-foot, two-person submarine, won the "Absolute Speed Award" with the new world record sprint of 6.8knots and also won the prize for "Best Use of Composites." OMER is outfitted with sophisticated, computer driven speed and directional aids for the propulsor and navigator, both of whom provide the human power. The "Spirit of the Races Award" went to the Florida Institute of Technology, whose bright red submarine MISS FIT, is a 16ft long six-sided torpedo.  The competition featured 19 submarines from teams throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including two high schools and several independents.

Pisces Submarine for sale.

A deep diving submersible designed for scientific research, wreck hunting, salvage, and underwater filming. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 2000ft (600m). Weight: 12 tons. Three front viewports. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar system.

Mergo Submarine for sale

The Mergo is a tourist submarine, safe and comfortable, designed for the smaller tourist resort. This submarine is ideal for start-up operations, and organisations entering the underwater market for the first time. Operating Depth 300ft (100m). Crew: One pilot and ten passengers. Weight: 24 tons. Large front viewport, large tower viewport, ten large individual passenger viewports. External lights, sonar, acoustic tracking, video and communications. 

U-Boat Submarine.

These U-boats are ex military diesel-electric submarines, designed for continental shelf operations, with a range of two thousand miles. These submarines are not in working order, and may have been partially stripped of some internal parts. Ideal for conversion into maritime museums, cocktail bars or restaurants in static locations. Crew: 50. Displacement: 1000 tons.


The U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, awarded a $1.5 million contract to Yardney-Lithion to design, build, and deliver a lithium ion prototype battery.  A spokesman said this is the first phase in the development of a Li-ion battery that will be used to power a miniature submarine for U.S. Navy SEALs. The advanced SEAL Delivery System is designed to provide a long-range insertion and extraction ability for Naval Special Operations Forces.  The underwater vehicle is 65ft long, 9ft diameter, and weighs 55 tons. Due to the high energy-density of Lithion's cells, the company anticipates providing the Navy with a battery that outperforms the existing design solution while reducing maintenance costs and increasing useful battery life. The company's 1200kw-hour battery design is expected to enhance the performance of the ASDS by allowing longer deployments, and increasing operational flexibility.

S202 Submarine.

This is an exciting leisure submarine, which is ideal for underwater filming and pleasure activities in shallow water depths. Exceptional 360-degree viewing, through the acrylic hull. Operating Depth: 150ft(50m) with possible upgrade to 100m. Weight: 4tons. Crew: One pilot and two passengers. External lights, underwater communications, and sonar.


Reports from Kyodo News Agency indicate that Japan's Kaiko ROV has vanished off Kochi, Japan.  According to officials at the Japan Marine Science & Technology Center (JAMSTEC), the 5.6ton rov has been missing since May when it snapped its tether in the Pacific. Kaiko was conducting earthquake research on the seafloor some 2.9 miles below the surface when a typhoon approached. Operators on the support ship reeled in the ROV before the storm struck and discovered that the rov had broken free. Kaiko broke the unmanned depth record in 1995 by diving to 36,000 feet in the Challenger Deep.  The site where U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh and Switzerland's Jacques Piccard dove to a record (35,800 feet) depth in the bathyscaphe Trieste.

Large Tourist Submarine.

This large multi passenger tourist submarine has been designed for the underwater leisure market. An excellent opportunity to acquire a purpose built tourist submarine. Operating Depth: 240ft (75m). Crew: Two pilots and forty-six passengers. Weight: 100 tons. Viewports on all sides. External lights, video, sonar and communications. 

Investment and Business Opportunity.

We currently have an exciting investment opportunity that you may wish to investigate. This European based Adventure Submarine Company has negotiated to obtain a deep diving submersible. In conjunction with a mothership, the Company will take adventurers on exciting dives to remote dive sites and unseen wrecks in the Indian Ocean. Minimum investment of US$150,000 gives an equity stake in this exciting venture.


Kollmorgen Corp. Massachusetts, was awarded a $13.4 million contract for engineering services and production of the Universal Modular Mast (UMM) System for installation on Virginia and SSGN class submarines.  The UMM is a non-hull penetrating mast that raises and lowers sensors.  The Naval Sea Systems Command is the contracting activity.

Submarine Periscope for sale.

One of our clients has a Cinetheodolite (Submarine Periscope) for sale. It has two telescopes, a spotting scope and a main scope, with the azimuth and elevation both electrically driven. The operator sits on a seat and either manually or electronically controls the unit. This unit is unique and the future owner may be the only private citizen in the world that owns one. The Cinetheodolite would be excellent for Star Gazing, a serious collector, or for someone with a coastal Home. Asking price US$145,000, negotiable of course.


The ocean community is going to the movies again. Phoenix International was picked to participate in the development and operation of a unique underwater lighting platform for film maker James Cameron.  Cameron was producer-director of the Academy Award winning movie Titanic.  Phoenix International said the remotely operated platform, called Medusa, was quietly designed, developed, and delivered in 55 days after contract award in response to the filming project's fast reaction requirements. The 6,000m depth capable Medusa ROV carries 10 high-powered, independently movable and controllable HMI lights that produce a total of 12,000w of illumination, an amount never before delivered to such great ocean depths. Medusa dived to the decks of HMS Titanic for the making of Cameron's Ghosts of the Abyss, a 3-D IMAX film made for Walden Media and distributed nationally by Disney Pictures.  Medusa lit unprecedented expanses of Titanic, giving the viewer a better appreciation for the scale of the huge ship while creating an eerie atmosphere for the multiple manned and unmanned vehicles filmed moving along its decks.  Ghosts of the Abyss features a 3-D underwater camera system, a pair of battery-powered miniature ROVs, the two Russian Mir manned submersibles, and Medusa.

Innovative Non-Nuclear Submarine

The German Navy will be getting a revolutionary new submarine, the 212A class. The submarine's outstanding feature is its atmospheric air independent propulsion system. This system is based on a quiet-running hydrogen fuel cell which not only makes the submarine hard to detect but also allows it to stay submerged for a long period of time.


Phoenix International announced that it has taken delivery of two 1200ft depth rated Hardsuit atmospheric diving suits (ADS). The system is configured for underwater construction, inspection, general subsea actuation and intervention support. The highly manoeuvrable suits feature full 360° joint rotation and is capable of using a comprehensive range of tooling systems, and sensors. The ADS provides Phoenix with an advanced and highly cost effective deep-diving capability that will primarily service the Gulf of Mexico energy industry.

Mapping Uncharted Waters

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) called Autosub is about to become the first surveyor to breach one of the last unknown regions of the world. It will plunge into the unexplored pockets of the sea beneath the ice shelves of Antarctica. Travelling through the Amundsen Sea under the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf, Autosub will gather data for four projects sponsored by the Natural Environment Resource Council. The aim is to understand the interactions between the glacier and the ocean, which may reveal the effects of global warming on the Antarctic region.

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