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Thankyou for contacting Silvercrest, concerning your submersible requirement. We will be pleased to offer every assistance that you may require, in order to help with your planned underwater project. We can offer for sale a wide range of Rovs, manned submarines, and submersibles. If you wish to charter a submarine for your project, please contact us for a discussion. Should the selection shown below, not match your exact requirement, please contact us to discuss other submarines and Rovs that are presently available but not listed.

Submarines for sale and charter.

We have a wide range of submarines (big and small) plus Rovs for sale and possible charter. Priced to suit all budgets and tasks. Contact us at anytime to discuss the options and to exchange ideas. For example, we have for sale in excellent condition, a four-man (1000ft depth rated) submersible with diver lockout facility. We also have immediately available a range of multi passenger tourist submarines (ten to forty passenger). Small two / three man submersibles, and one-man ADS units.Pilot training and maintenance courses are arranged to support every submarine sale if required. Please contact us at anytime to discuss your exact requirements.

Com Sub.

A small two-man submarine built in Europe to a very high technical standard that offers a relatively spacious interior, and a full range of safety features. Ideal for yacht-based activities, underwater filming, scientific research, and for private buyers. Operating depth: 200m (600ft).
Dry weight: 4tons.
Viewports: 4 x flat acrylic (340mm) forward looking, 4 x conning tower (120mm), 1 x hatch viewport (90mm).
External Lights, Compass, Sonar, Echo sounder, and communications

Sub - Eo.

A state of the art three-man submersible with a very high tech image, operational depth: 300ft (100m). Stainless steel hull, nickel sodium batteries. Domed acrylic viewports for all crew members. This submersible is ideal for a range of underwater activities and especially for yacht based recreation. New build with test dives just completed.


Taurus SubmarineA multi purpose submersible, designed for one-atmosphere operations, diver lockout, dry transfer, and submarine rescue (DSRV). This submersible is in excellent condition and dive ready. Suitable for underwater tourism, scientific research, search and salvage, and a range of military tasks. Crew: six (normal), six (diver lockout operations), twenty-two (DSRV operations). Operational Depth: 1200ft (400m). Weight: 22 tons. One large front viewport, one large aft viewport, four tower viewports, one lower viewport. Fitted with external lighting, sonar system, acoustic tracking, communications, manipulator arm, and hydraulic cable cutter.Click for full technical details

Curiousus - Sub

Research submarine built in 1995. To date this submarine has completed eighty dives. Crew: pilot plus two passengers. Dive duration six hours. Maximum depth 180 meters, and has been tested by the Turkish navy to 415 meters. Three thrusters. Battery capacity 6.6kw (4 x 185Ah). Weight: 2.52 tons. Length: 4.20m, Width:1.55m, Height: 1.92m.


Pisces SubmarineA deep diving submersible designed for scientific research, wreck hunting, salvage, and underwater filming. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 2000ft (600m). Weight: 12 tons. Large front viewports. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar system.


Perry SubmarineA one atmosphere submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 1000ft (300m). Weight: 8 to 12 tons. One large front viewport, plus six small conning tower viewports. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar system.

Ocean - Explorer.

This privately manufactured submarine, together with three support vessels is now for sale. Completed in 1989, with over 12 years of design, research and development. Depth: 1000ft approximately (unmanned to 3,500 feet, as designed) Weight: 12000 lbs. Surface speed: 10kts with surface range 400 miles on diesel power and underwater range 25 miles on fully charged batteries. Viewports: fourteen 9-inch ports 1 1/2 thick, plus one 3" port (top hatch cover). Life support: two people for up to seven days. Trailer: custom-built, tandem. Dive missions have been completed off the east coast of the United States, south Florida, the Keys, the Gulf and Caribbean. (Currently in warehouse storage). Three surface support vessels included in the sale price (35ft Long Range Flybridge Live Aboard, 23ft Center Console Transport, and 11ft Avon Sub Tender Inflatable).

Kittredge (K-350).

Kittredge SubmarineA small two-man submarine designed for leisure, filming, research, and simple search and recovery activities. Lightweight, easily towed on a trailer by car, this submarine can be used by the family, or local scuba club, for weekend dives. Front and tower viewports. External lights. Communications and simple manipulator available by request. Training course available at your home site. Operational Depth: 350ft (100m). Crew: two. Weight 1.5 tons.

Wrangler ADS.

A one-man one-atmosphere tethered submersible, built in Canada by ISE. This unit is lightweight and ideal for salvage, scientific research, or general underwater tasks. This unit requires a minor refit prior to commencing dive operations. Operating Depth: 1200ft (400m), with possible certification to 2000ft (610m). Crew: one. Weight: 1500kg. Two large acrylic viewports, manipulator arm, external lights and communications with the surface.

Dual Newsuit ADS Package.

These versatile deep diving suits are an advanced design, one man atmospheric ADS. The suits are lightweight, and can be rapidly mobilised to any offshore dive site, to complete a wide range of underwater observation and manipulative tasks. Operating Depth: 1000ft (300m). Crew: one. Weight in air: 500lbs. Large domed viewport, two articulating arms, external lights, continuous video and communications with the surface.

Spider ADS.

These versatile deep diving suits are an advanced design, one-man atmospheric ADS. The suits are lightweight, and can be rapidly mobilized to any offshore dive site, to complete a wide range of underwater observation and manipulative tasks. Operating Depth: 2000ft (610m). Crew: one. Weight: 1 ton. Large domed viewport, two articulating arms, external lights, continuous video and communications with the surface.

Flying Bell.

This Flying Bell is a tethered diver lockout submersible. Designed for both atmospheric and ambient subsea operations. Extensively used in the past for underwater construction, inspection, search and salvage. Operating Depth: 1000ft (300m). Crew: two (normal), five (diver lockout). Weight: 16 tons. Large front viewport and DLOC viewports. Manipulator, bear hugger grab, external lights, video cameras, communications, and sonar.

M-3 Submaire.

This is a one-atmosphere submarine designed for a wide range of underwater activities. Especially underwater filming, search, salvage, and leisure. Operating Depth: 1000ft (300m). Crew: one pilot plus two or three passengers. Weight: 9 tons. Ten panoramic viewports. Manipulator arm, external lights, communications and sonar.

SC-BUG Submersible.

A small privately constructed submersible designed for two or three persons. Ideal for underwater filming, research, and personal recreation. Operating Depth: 500ft (test depth 725ft). Length 12ft and width 5ft. Numerous viewports. Life support for three days. Over 500 dives completed todate. Training course available.


The G-Sub is a small lightweight submarine ideal for underwater leisure, filming, search and simple salvage operations. Operating Depth: 150ft (50m) at present. Deeper dive depths may be possible subject to a refurbishment programme. Crew: two. Weight: 4 tons. Six panoramic viewports. Manipulator arm, external lights, communications and sonar.

BMM2 Submarine.

This submarine has been constructed to a very high standard, and is ideal for underwater work, and leisure activities. Operating Depth: 1000ft (300m). Crew: two or three. Weight: 7 tons. Large front viewport, and small conning tower viewports. Manipulator arm (optional), external lights, communications and sonar.


This is an exciting leisure submarine, which is ideal for underwater filming and pleasure activities in shallow water depths. Exceptional 360-degree viewing, through the acrylic hull. Operating Depth: 150ft(50m) with possible upgrade to 100m. Weight: 4tons. Crew: One pilot and two passengers. External lights, underwater communications, and sonar.

SM600 Submarine.

This is a small tourist submarine designed for four passengers and one pilot. Exceptional 360-degree viewing through the clear acrylic hull. Operating depth: 150ft(50m). Weight: 12tons.

Large Tourist Submarine.

This large multi passenger tourist submarine has been designed for the underwater leisure market. An excellent opportunity to acquire a purpose built submarine. Operating Depth: 240ft (75m). Crew: Two pilots and forty-six passengers. Weight: 106 tons. Large viewports on all sides. External lights, video, sonar and communications.

Medium Tourist Submarine.

A medium size multi passenger tourist submarine, designed for the underwater leisure market. Operating Depth: 300ft (100m). Crew: Two pilots and twenty-four passengers. Weight: 35 tons. Large viewports on all sides. External lights, communications, video and sonar.

Small Tourist Submarine (MERGO).

Mergo SubmarineThe Mergo is a tourist submarine, safe and comfortable, designed for the smaller tourist resort. This submarine is ideal for start-up operations, and organisations entering the underwater market for the first time. Operating Depth 300ft (100m). Crew: One pilot and ten passengers. Weight: 24 tons. Large front viewport, large tower viewport, ten large individual passenger viewports. External lights, sonar, acoustic tracking, video and communications. Click for full technical details


Sports SubmarineAn ambient-pressure two/three man wet submersible that incorporates the dynamics of both flying and scuba diving. Constructed from fiberglass, the Sportsub can travel through the water further and faster than scuba divers, and has a dive duration of approximately three hours (limited by Dive Tables). Maximum safe operating depth: 120ft (40m). Crew: two/three. Weight: 0.5 ton. Viewing through acrylic viewports. Exit and re-entry underwater possible for trained scuba divers. Non-divers can travel in the Sportsub as the passenger. Ideal for a business opportunity or personal pleasure. Click for full technical details

Yellow Submarine.

Yellow SubmarineA small lightweight submersible designed for a wide range of one-atmosphere operations. The key words in the design have been performance, passenger comfort and affordable. The submarine is easily transported by road, sea and airfreight. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 300ft (100m), with option of 1000ft (300m) upgrade. Weight: 4 tons. One large front viewport, plus four conning tower viewports. Fitted with external lighting, communications and sonar system (optional).

U-Boat Submarine (Large).

These U-boats are ex military diesel-electric submarines, 300 feet (90m) long. Designed for continental shelf operations, with a range of two thousand miles. These submarines are not in working order, and may have been partially stripped of some internal parts. Ideal for conversion to use as maritime museums, cocktail bars or restaurants in static locations. Crew: 75. Displacement: 2,475 tons.

Russian Whiskey -Class Submarine.

A Russian submarine, NATO code named "Whiskey" . Built during 1956-1957 as a Soviet Navy hunter/killer. These submarines have a steel pressure hull with a thickness of 25-30mm. Max diving depth is a secret but said to be around 500 feet. There are no Projektu-613 submarines in service in Russia today, and the last remaining submarines were decommissioned in the early nineties. There are a few of these submarines in use as museums around the world. However the submarine we have for sale is the most complete and historically most interesting of them. Length: 75.2 meters Beam: 6.3 meters Draft: 3 meters in fore, 4.8 in aft. Displacement: 1050 tons surfaced, 1350 tons submerged. When in service, the sub had a crew of 56 on board. One shift sleeping and one on duty. When sailing, the vessel could stay submerged for three days. The vessel is divided into seven watertight sections: Forward torpedo room, living areas/ battery room, aft torpedo room/living quarters, control room/living quarters/galley and engine/ battery room. The crew mess has about 40 table-seats. All areas can be used by the general public.

U-Boat Submarine (Small).

These are small diesel-electric submarines, 50 feet (15m) long, designed to operate at continental shelf depths, with a range of 400 miles. These submarines have two large viewports, and are suitable for a range of underwater missions. Operating depth 1000ft(300m) Crew: four. Weight: 48tons.

The world's most advanced Tourist Submarine.

The DS100 all acrylic submarine with support vessels. This amazing tourist submarine is currently available for sale complete with Support Barge/Dry-dock and passenger Catamaran. An ideal package for an instant tourist submarine business. Submarine operating depth 100m. Passengers 45 with two crew. Length 19 m. Weight in air 90 tons.
The Support Barge was built specifically to support the DS100's operations. This 85 foot long, 95-ton vessel has extraordinary maneuvering capability through two Schottel drives. It has an integrated hydraulic lift for dry-docking the DS100 from the water. The support barge also has the battery chargers, high-pressure air compressors, oxygen transfer pump, workshop space, tools and spare parts necessary to operate and maintain the submarine. The DS100 Passenger Catamaran (14m long) is a high-speed passenger transfer vessel powered by twin 350 hp Caterpillar diesels. The catamaran is able of carry 90 passengers at speeds of 18 knots. Passengers are transferred to the Support Barge where the DS100 docks after each dive.

Dual DW Submersibles.

This exciting package of dual DW submersibles is now available for sale. Each DW is a one-man tetherless submersible capable of working in depths up to 2000ft.

  • Length: 8.25 ft.
  • Beam: 5.3 ft.
  • Height: 5.6 ft.
  • Weight in Air: 4700 Ibs.
  • Operating Depth: 2000 fsw.
  • Payload: 300 Ibs.variable.
  • Life Support: 72-man hrs.
  • Max Speed: 2.5 knots
  • Crew: 1 pilot.
  • Sonar: 675Khz Imagenix.
  • Hydraulics: 2200psi Hydro-Lek.
  • Manipulator: HLK-CRA6 6 function.

Certification: Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Submersible pilots in the past have been constrained to only piloting the vehicle and monitoring his systems, which are critical tasks. DW operators can be alleviated from a number of these tasks due to technology, modernization and the inherent ergonomic design of this particular vehicle. In this design the pilot is seated upright. The view port is a 25" hemispherical dome. The pilot can enter desired depth and heading data into the PLC and Instruct the PLC to maintain that course, depth and heading. The PLC will continue to perform that function until cancelled by the pilot. The versatility of the PLC along with the ancillary computer also allows for other capabilities such as acoustic electronic communication of critical operational information with the surface vessel. The submersible is outfitted with a six-function manipulator. Additional hydraulic tooling is easily integrated such as water jets, suctions, and guillotines. An additional manipulator can be installed for specific dexterity requirements.

SilverFish 4000 Submersible.

The SilverFish 4000 is a complete new build submersible being constructed in Europe, and designed by Ramsey Martin, Organisations interested in purchasing this submersible will have the opportunity to customise the unit to meet their specific operational requirements. The titanium sphere has now been constructed and tested for an operational depth of 4000m (12,800ft). Internal and external design is currently being undertaken prior to final outfitting. The basic design of this submersible offers maximum adaptability to optimise the configuration of the vehicle for the roles required by the client. As a very deep diving one atmosphere submersible, the main tasks envisaged will be seabed search and survey, scientific research, and military applications.


A new build, small lightweight submersible designed for scientific research, underwater filming and subsea survey missions. This submersible operates with a pilot and two passengers, and has an intended operational depth of 450m. Length 5.0m, Beam 2.2m, Height 2.0m, Weight 5 Tons. Delivery 14 months from order.


Gem Sub SubmarineThe Gem-sub is an exciting high-tech small two-man submersible with an operational depth of 150 feet (50m), designed for one pilot and one passenger. Built to ABS classification rules. This small submarine is especially suitable for the leisure industry and yacht owners, but of course has applications in many other underwater situations.

This superbly constructed small submarine has all the components you would expect to ensure a safe, comfortable, and fun underwater adventure. The submarine weight is three tons, and the operational depth is fifty meters.

>The Gem-sub is lightweight, easy to maintain and simple to operate. Silvercrest offers a short pilot training course to all owners. This course can be arranged to take place at a time and location suitable to the new owner.

Other Submarines.

Other submarines are also available for sale.

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