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Submarine Escape Suits.

Submarine Escape Suits are now available from Silvercrest, please contact us for details.

Technical Specification.
Eascape SuitThe Submarine Escape Jerkin is designed for crews to escape from small submarines, and manned submersibles. The jerkin works on a similar principle to the traditional submarine escape suits used by the Royal Navy, which have been successfully used on trials from 600ft (200m) depths. The jerkin is packed in a compact valise bag that can be easily stowed in a confined space, with one bag per crewmember. The jerkin features a waistcoat type construction fitted with a stole or life jacket section, and an ascent hood fully enclosing the escaperís head. The Submarine escape jerkin can be quickly unpacked and fitted when required.

The Submarine Escape Jerkin is the ideal escape suit for crews wishing to escape from stranded manned submersibles and other small submarines being used in the scientific research, underwater leisure, and other subsea operations. The escape jerkin features a waistcoat type construction, fitted with a stole or life jacket section and an ascent hood fully enclosing the escaperís head.

The stole is fed with breathing quality air from an integrally mounted air bottle (1.4 litre capacity at 200 bar). The airflow from the stole into the ascent hood is automatically controlled by a pair of pre-set relief valves. When worn with the hood fully closed, surplus air is allowed to escape from an aperture at the base of the ascent hood. Thus always giving the wearer newly replenished air to breath on his ascent. Capacities: stole 12.5 litres. Ascent Hood 33 litres.

This jerkin is fitted with an inner hood for added comfort and security. It also has waist belt and crutch straps, fully adjustable to ensure comfort fit. The jerkin is also equipped with a seawater activated light, whistle, torch and sea marker dye pack.

All the above is contained in a special purpose carry valise that can be easily stowed onboard small manned submersibles or tourist submarines.

Underwater Communications (UWT)

Subcom 2000 Through-water Communication (UWT and UQC) systems now available for sale.

The Subcom 2000 Underwater Communications System is designed for use in diving bells, small submarines and manned submersibles. The system provides subsurface communications (UQC and UWT) between the submarine and the surface (or other submarine) in clear speech, by acoustically passing messages through the water column between two transducers. The system can be powered either directly from the submarine onboard power source, or alternatively by use of its own battery pack (minimum of 20 hours under normal conditions).

The Subcom 2000 incorporates an extremely reliable single side-band, suppressed carrier system. Operating at 10Khz or 27KHz with 4.2KHz bandwidth. Users can select between Subcom 2000 surface unit and Subcom 2000 bell unit.

A small submarine operation would have on the surface support vessel, one surface unit, 10Khz and 27Khz transducers with cables, and microphone. The submarine could select to have onboard a 10Khz and 27Khz transducer, microphone and either the surface unit or the bell unit (depending on space available).

The key features of the Subcom 2000 system are as follows:
Rechargeable Battery packs.
Bell Internal unit has a plastic coned loudspeaker/mic mounted in a flame retardant, hose proof, field replaceable unit.
Bell Electronics and rechargeable batteries are in external housings eliminating helium ingression and humidity problems. They are hard anodized and depth rated to 1000 psi.
Surface Unit is powered from internal rechargeable batteries with internal battery charger.
Can be used with existing helium speech de-scramblers.
Up to 3km range.
Optional 19" rack mounting with either front or rear mounted connectors.
Optional boom microphone/headset.

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